Inspire Your Child’s Inner Photojournalist


Most children really enjoy using a camera and taking pictures. Have them keep their very own photographic journal of your carschooling adventures. Digital cameras are great fun because you can see how the picture looks instantly. Let carschoolers take turns photographing interesting things along the way. They will learn quickly how to adjust the […]

Let’s Draw It Together

Give every carschooler a piece of paper and a pencil. Have everyone draw a head and neck on their paper—it can be the head and neck of a person, animal, insect, monster, or whatever. Have them fold the paper in half so that no one can see the drawing—and pass it to the person next […]

Learning the Lyrics

Carschoolers love to sing out loud in the car. However, “One Hundred Bottles of Rootbeer on the Wall” doesn’t last as long as you might think. If you simply rely on passengers to suggest songs to sing, you may discover that everyone knows the first line or two of a song but not all of […]