Infallible History

Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong, by James W. Loewen identifies historical markers, monuments, and sites in every state that have historical interpretations that are either misleading or wrong. Loewen is the author of the award-winning best seller Lies My Teacher Told Me, a book that discredits 12 leading high school history […]


Every state has an official motto or saying. For example, Alaska’s motto is “North to the Future,” California’s is “Eureka,” and New Hampshire’s is “Live Free or Die.” Many mottos are included on state license plates. Every time you are carschooling, have your carschoolers look for state mottos on license plates. Whenever they see a […]

Travel Photo Album

Most children really enjoy using a camera and taking pictures. Have them keep their very own photographic journal of your carschooling adventures. Digital cameras are great fun because you can see how the picture looks instantly. Let carschoolers take turns photographing interesting things along the way. They will learn quickly how to adjust the way […]