One of the Best Carschooling Resources

One of the greatest carschooling resources is the Guinness Book of World Records. It has many practical uses for math in it that help kids see how math is used in the real world. It includes statistics, facts, and figures on the greatest speed achieved by a human being; circumnavigations by balloonists, ships, and airplanes; […]

All The Leaves Are Brown…

One of the most obvious changes in seasons occurs in the fall when the leaves of deciduous trees turn color and fall off. Evergreen trees remain green and lush. Have your carschoolers collect one specific kind of leaf and do some research on that tree. They can make sketches or photograph the tree at each […]

What’s The Largest Organ of the Human Body?

You’re probably looking at it right now. It’s your skin!

Skin forms a protective layer over the body to help prevent injury and disease, keeps moisture in the body, regulates the body temperature, produces vitamin D, and excretes waste.

Looking at skin through a magnifying glass or jeweler’s loop is a terrific way to see […]