Carschooling Foreign Languages: Global Language

A carschool mom in Virginia keeps an inflatable globe in the car, and her children use it to point to a country and challenge each other to say “hello” in the language of that country.

She said, “Initially, they didn’t know many languages. We found a site on the Internet called ‘Say Hello to the […]

Carschooling Visual and Performing Arts: Make a Flat Family!

One carschooler from California makes a Flat Family on long car trips. She uses varying sizes of paper plates and draws faces and other features on them, and then attaches paper straws (folded back and forth so the are accordioned) for arms and legs.

She plays with them constantly and presses them against the car […]

Carschooling Geography: Charting a Course

Encourage your road scholars to learn to read maps by letting them plot your route to wherever you are going. Tell them that you need to get from one city (or state) to another. Then ask them to look on a map, find the departure and destination points, and pick a course of roads and […]