A carschooling mom in Nebraska said that on a field trip with another family they were introduced to a game called “Name That Car Tune.” Each player had to sing a line from a song that had words pertaining to cars in them. Some examples are car, ride, road, highway, street, and Mustang. The first […]

20 Questions

A truly classic game, 20 Questions can be played by all ages. One person thinks of an object that the other players must guess. The players get to ask 20 questions (yes or no answers only) to figure out the correct answer. To focus on science, have your carschoolers exclusively pick plants, animals, or minerals. […]

Road Sign Harvest Time

This is a cooperative learning game where all players are on the same team. Designate one person to be the Scorekeeper.

Pretend that you own a family farm and as you begin your car trip it’s harvest time. The fruits and vegetables on your farm must be harvested before the first frost of fall […]