One of the Best Carschooling Resources

One of the greatest carschooling resources is the Guinness Book of World Records. It has many practical uses for math in it that help kids see how math is used in the real world. It includes statistics, facts, and figures on the greatest speed achieved by a human being; circumnavigations by balloonists, ships, and airplanes; […]

Less or More?

Here’s a quick game to help kids understand the math concepts of “greater than,” “less than,” and “equal to.”

Everyone finds one license plate on a passing car and copies it down on a piece of paper. Remove the letters in the license plate, leaving just the numbers. Each person takes a turn reading his […]


CIPHER 51 is an engaging mix of crosswords and cryptograms that will help your carschooler train and improve three abilities: attention, vocabulary, and general knowledge.

Composed of questions and symbols, your carschooler can find out the answers by utilizing alternate symbols that represent corresponding letters. Based on a popular puzzle from the book Messages from […]