Two Bit Geography

One carschooling family uses out-of-state license plates and the U.S. Mint’s introduction of individual state quarters to help them with an informal study of United States geography. While riding in the car, they enjoy searching through pocket change for the new state quarters. If they find one, they use the Official United States Mint 50 […]

License Plate Equations

All of the players in the car pick a license plate number together, for example, 9MBR318. Eliminate the letters, which leaves the numbers 9, 3, 1, and 8. Using only the numbers from the license plate and the processes of addition, subtraction, and multiplication, each player tries to create as many new numbers as […]

Carschooling Math: Play “21”

Each player looks for license plates with numbers that add up to 21 or more. License plates with three or more numbers are the only ones that will work for this game. For example, license number 4VJD875 would add up to 24. When players find a license plate that adds up to 21 or more, […]