Turkey Words

Turkey Words is a holiday-inspired (FREE) game app wherein the goal is to figure out mystery words. It’s a fun game for carschoolers of all ages and it focuses on verbal skills.

The Thanksgiving themed words come from the popular story of the first Thanksgiving, other historical references to Thanksgiving, and from general Thanksgiving happenings […]

Learn to Sign

One carschooling mom has a degree in American Sign Language/Interpreting for the Deaf. When she was a student, her instructor who was deaf, suggested practicing signing signs as a way to practice finger-spelling. First, get a chart of finger-spelling sign symbols for the letters of the alphabet. To play, try to finger spell any word […]

Rhyming Signs

Ask your carschoolers to pick one word from a billboard or road sign. Then tell them to try to find all the words that sound alike or that rhyme. For example, let’s say they pick the word “free” from a billboard. Now think of all the words that rhyme, such as “tree,” “bee,” “see,” “me,” […]