What Rhymes With…?

Ask your carschoolers to pick one word from a billboard or road sign. Then tell them to try to find all the words that sound alike or that rhyme. For example, let’s say they pick the word “free” from a billboard. Now think of all the words that rhyme, such as “tree,” “bee,” “see,” “me,” […]

Jump Rope Jingle

A carschooling mom borrowed a jump rope jingle to create an alphabet word game in which her carschoolers try to construct several sentences that include words that start with a specific letter of the alphabet.

Here is an example using the letter A:

“A” my name is ___________________________ (Annie)

My best friend’s name is _________________ […]

Enjoy the Silence

One carschooling mom has a degree in American Sign Language/Interpreting for the Deaf. When she was a student, her instructor who was deaf, suggested practicing signing signs as a way to practice finger-spelling. First, get a chart of finger-spelling sign symbols for the letters of the alphabet. To play, try to finger spell any word […]