Infallible History

Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong, by James W. Loewen identifies historical markers, monuments, and sites in every state that have historical interpretations that are either misleading or wrong. Loewen is the author of the award-winning best seller Lies My Teacher Told Me, a book that discredits 12 leading high school history […]

On This Day…

Here are some resources for finding out about historical events that occurred on any given day of the year:

  Carschooling Website: At you can sign up for our free eZine with historical information about each day of the year. Library of Congress Website: American Memory at offers “Today in History,” which lists […]

Lunchtime Trivia

Use bagged lunches to introduce a morsel of history. In addition to sandwiches, fruit, and chips, include a note in each lunch bag that tells about some historical event that occurred on that day or the name of an important person in history that was born that day. Have your carschoolers read their note out […]