Decade or Dare?

A carschooling family (with three kids ages 9 to 16) changed the old Truth or Dare game into a history challenge. To play, first think of a list of silly consequences; when someone loses the challenge they must do one of the several preselected penalties: for example, singing a difficult song, stating the multiplication facts […]

The Thing is the Thing

This is a fun activity to stimulate storytelling. Give each player an object to hold (a purse, doll, whistle, cookie, tissue, etc). The first player begins to make up and tell a story that includes the object that player is holding. At any time the player may choose another player to continue the story, and […]

100 Bottles of Juice on the Wall

A teacher in Santa Cruz, California, came up with this way to help her own kids – ages 5 & 8 – do mental math with addition and subtraction. She revamped the old song “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” in this way:

5 bottles of juice on the wall

5 bottles of juice