Eat & Speak Your Veggies

A carscholar mom and her carschoolers have learned a lot of foreign language words through food. They look for billboards and signs that have different kinds of foods and then say the name of the fruit, vegetable, or dairy product in the foreign language they are studying. Whenever they get stuck on a particular word, […]


A carschooling mom in Nebraska said that on a field trip with another family they were introduced to a game called “Name That Car Tune.” Each player had to sing a line from a song that had words pertaining to cars in them. Some examples are car, ride, road, highway, street, and Mustang. The first […]

Two Bit Geography

One carschooling family uses out-of-state license plates and the U.S. Mint’s introduction of individual state quarters to help them with an informal study of United States geography. While riding in the car, they enjoy searching through pocket change for the new state quarters. If they find one, they use the Official United States Mint 50 […]