A carschooling mom in Nebraska said that on a field trip with another family they were introduced to a game called “Name That Car Tune.” Each player had to sing a line from a song that had words pertaining to cars in them. Some examples are car, ride, road, highway, street, and Mustang. The first […]

Decade or Dare?

A carschooling family (with three kids ages 9 to 16) changed the old Truth or Dare game into a history challenge. To play, first think of a list of silly consequences; when someone loses the challenge they must do one of the several preselected penalties: for example, singing a difficult song, stating the multiplication facts […]

Overcoming Carsickness

Do Your Children Get Carsick?Do your children get car sick when they read or write in the car? Do you know why?

Carsickness is caused because information sent to the brain from the eyes and from the inner ear are out of synch. When you travel in the car, passengers (especially those in […]