A Halloween Soundtrack

To keep my two boys in the Halloween spirit I used to create a Halloween soundtrack to play in the car. It was a great way for them to feel the spooky magic of this time of year while we were out running errands, going to classes, park days, or pretty much anywhere.


There […]

A Driving Adventure

Tizzy Driving Adventure is an educational mini-game app that is beautifully illustrated and fun. Originally designed for 2-5 year old’s 6-8 year old’s will enjoy it too and can play it alone, even while you’re driving.

Here are some of the activities you’ll do along the way: – Pick and Sort Strawberries in the Strawberry […]

What’s The Most Interesting City Name You Know?

When carschoolers get antsy on long trips, pull out your car atlas or map and challenge them to search for cities with weird and wacky names—the United States is full of them! You could also challenge them to find (in the atlas) the following cities and towns and ponder the meaning of the names: