Sand Draw

Imagine you and your little ones are off to the beach, and whether it’s for a day or the weekend, this app is a fun way to get your carschoolers in the spirit.

Sand Draw (available for your Android device) is a creative tool that lets you draw on realistically simulated sand, and it’s easy.


Happy Halloween!

To get your carschoolers into the holiday spirit, have your kids help decorate your vehicle. You can decorate the outside of the family car together (and go full hog like the family in this picture did) or just stick to decorating activities that your carschoolers can do while you’re driving.

An activity your carschoolers can […]

Get Creative Together

Give every carschooler a piece of paper and a pencil. Have everyone draw a head and neck on their paper—it can be the head and neck of a person, animal, insect, monster, or whatever. Have them fold the paper in half so that no one can see the drawing—and pass it to the person next […]