Decade or Dare?

A carschooling family (with three kids ages 9 to 16) changed the old Truth or Dare game into a history challenge. To play, first think of a list of silly consequences; when someone loses the challenge they must do one of the several preselected penalties: for example, singing a difficult song, stating the multiplication facts […]

100 Bottles of Juice on the Wall

A teacher in Santa Cruz, California, came up with this way to help her own kids – ages 5 & 8 – do mental math with addition and subtraction. She revamped the old song “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” in this way:

5 bottles of juice on the wall

5 bottles of juice


20 Questions

A truly classic game, 20 Questions can be played by all ages. One person thinks of an object that the other players must guess. The players get to ask 20 questions (yes or no answers only) to figure out the correct answer. To focus on science, have your carschoolers exclusively pick plants, animals, or minerals. […]