Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

It’s always a nice idea to ask your Carschoolers what they’re thankful for, and these adorable pages are a fun way to get them to express themselves creatively.

Just add crayons and see where the fun takes them:

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Happy Turkey Day!

Rhyming Signs

Ask your carschoolers to pick one word from a billboard or road sign. Then tell them to try to find all the words that sound alike or that rhyme. For example, let’s say they pick the word “free” from a billboard. Now think of all the words that rhyme, such as “tree,” “bee,” “see,” “me,” […]

Carschooling Visual and Performing Arts: Make a Flat Family!

One carschooler from California makes a Flat Family on long car trips. She uses varying sizes of paper plates and draws faces and other features on them, and then attaches paper straws (folded back and forth so the are accordioned) for arms and legs.

She plays with them constantly and presses them against the car […]