Kids Measurement Science

Kids Measurement Science is a fantastic app (available through Amazon for Android devices) that introduces a variety of measurements. It’s a great travel tool for your carschooler!

Product Features

Measure length and width of pencils, ribbons, balls and bookmarks Show and read time on an analog and digital clock Measure weights of watermelons, bottles, balls, […]

Hamster Habitat

Hamster Habitat is an engaging path-building puzzle game appropriate for carschoolers ages 5+.

In Hamster Habitat, your goal is to connect all of the pieces in the hamster cage using a limited supply of hamster tubes. You’ll need to work around obstacles and plan carefully to solve puzzles of three different difficulty levels. For bonus […]

Coloring Valentine

Now FREE for a limited time only!

AppDads Coloring Valentine is a customizable paint program for kids. This app unlocks the advanced features and drawing modes of the free version of the app. Backed by the power of Google, this app adds the ability to download virtually limitless coloring pages all from within the […]