Geo Challenge

Geo Challenge is a fun way for kids to learn the flags and maps of the world. Filled with Puzzles, Quizzes and Flashcards – this app was created by Moms for children everywhere!

Kids will love learning about the world around them with this eye-catching app. Spin the globe and go on an adventure to […]

Understanding Life Cycles

A life cycle is a period involving different stages of a species from birth through reproduction. As kids grow, they need to know and understand how life starts, morphs through various stages, and then begins again. Various processes also exist in nature that follow a systematic flow through stages at regular intervals.

This Life Cycles […]

Kids Measurement Science

Kids Measurement Science is a fantastic app (available through Amazon for Android devices) that introduces a variety of measurements. It’s a great travel tool for your carschooler!

Product Features

Measure length and width of pencils, ribbons, balls and bookmarks Show and read time on an analog and digital clock Measure weights of watermelons, bottles, balls, […]