Happy Halloween!

To get your carschoolers into the holiday spirit, have your kids help decorate your vehicle. You can decorate the outside of the family car together (and go full hog like the family in this picture did) or just stick to decorating activities that your carschoolers can do while you’re driving.

An activity your carschoolers can […]

Sticker States


Here is a fun idea for a long car trip! Copy or print a map of the United States for each of your carschoolers. Next, purchase a pack of inexpensive stickers. Make sure each carschooler has a different sheet of stickers, so the kids can tell them apart. And don’t forget to have at […]

Place Value

To start the game, select one person to be the impartial “Caller” to randomly call out the cars that are to be used. That person assigns a passing car to each player in each round of the game, to avoid duplication or arguments. For example: The first set of cars that drive by is for […]