Just How Accurate Are Historical Markers?

Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong, by James W. Loewen identifies historical markers, monuments, and sites in every state that have historical interpretations that are either misleading or wrong. Loewen is the author of the award-winning best seller Lies My Teacher Told Me, a book that discredits 12 leading high school history […]

The State of Geography

Here is a really clever idea submitted by a carschooling mom in Arkansas. Before going on a car trip, she copies or prints a map of the United States for each carschooler: Next, she purchases an inexpensive package of stamp rings. (Each stamp ring has a different symbol or picture on it, so the kids […]

Road Signs Beware

Did you know that not all historical markers are accurate? Just as in history textbooks, mistakes are sometimes made in what is written in stone along the highway. Some markers have incomplete information, others are misleading, and still others are downright wrong. Encourage your road scholars to be roadside researchers. What is the topic of […]