Become a Roadside Researcher

Did you know that not all historical markers are accurate?

Just as in history textbooks, mistakes are sometimes made in what is written in stone along the highway. Some markers have incomplete information, others are misleading, and still others are downright wrong. Encourage your road scholars to be roadside researchers. What is the topic of […]

18-Wheeler Chemistry

Some truckers haul hazardous materials and chemicals, and hazardous material codes are posted on these trucks to alert emergency service crews to the type of chemical being hauled. In the event of an accidental spill, crews can then take the necessary steps to protect people and the environment.

Your carschooler can use a code chart […]

What’s The Most Interesting City Name You Know?

When carschoolers get antsy on long trips, pull out your car atlas or map and challenge them to search for cities with weird and wacky names—the United States is full of them! You could also challenge them to find (in the atlas) the following cities and towns and ponder the meaning of the names: