What Rhymes With…?

Ask your carschoolers to pick one word from a billboard or road sign. Then tell them to try to find all the words that sound alike or that rhyme. For example, let’s say they pick the word “free” from a billboard. Now think of all the words that rhyme, such as “tree,” “bee,” “see,” “me,” […]

All The Leaves Are Brown…

One of the most obvious changes in seasons occurs in the fall when the leaves of deciduous trees turn color and fall off. Evergreen trees remain green and lush. Have your carschoolers collect one specific kind of leaf and do some research on that tree. They can make sketches or photograph the tree at each […]

Foreign Language On the Go

Practice foreign languages by translating the names of common things you see through the car window in the language you want to practice. To practice nouns, one player calls out whatever he or she sees in English-car, boy, cow, and so forth-and the other players try to say the word in Spanish, French, or any […]