Chapter 8 — Visual & Performing Arts

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Here are some of the many resources mentioned in the book, “Carschooling” to enhance learning visual and performing arts on the road!  The products listed here are linked to our affiliate to make purchasing them a snap!

 Chapter 8 — Visual & Performing Arts

Window Art -- Carschooling!How to Take Good Pictures: A Photo Guide by Kodak published by Ballantine Books. Ideas in this book will help your carschoolers perfect the photo documentation of their educational travels.

* Educational Coloring Book: Color Your Own Modern Art Masterpieces by Muncie Hendler, Dover Publications; Black outline pictures of famous Modern Art masterpieces that kids can color, with information about the artwork and artist.

* Gray’s Anatomy by Fred Stark, Running Press. The text describes each organ of the body and its function.

* Great Inventors and Inventions (Dover Coloring Book) by Bruce Lafontaine, Dover Publishing; Learn the story of a great inventor while coloring his or her invention.

* Let’s Learn French Coloring Book by Anne-Francoise Hazzan, S. William Pattis, and Minerva Figueroa. National Textbook Company; Learn a French word a day, while coloring a picture that illustrates the word.

* The Marine Biology Coloring Book by Thomas M. Niesen, Harper Collins Publishers; This coloring book looks more like a field journal with black and white illustrations that the student can color, accompanied by text filled with scientific information about habitat, behavior, and symbiotic relationships among marine organisms.

START EXPLORING™ by Running Press is an entire series of educational coloring books that not only provide detailed illustrations to color, but interesting text that explains concepts on diverse subjects. Some of the titles include:

* Lives of the Artists: Materpieces, Messes (And What the Neighbors Thought) by Kathleen Krull. 20 artists are respectfully exposed for their idiosyncracies as well as their contributions to the history of art including Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Bruegel, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Kahlo, and more. Geared for ages 10 and up.

* How to Whistle Like a Pro (Without Driving Anyone Else Crazy) by David Harp, Jason Serinus, and Don Mayne, Musical Idiot Press.

* Raffi is the quintessential children’s musician. His wonderful collection of children’s songs encourage a love of nature and the environment with catchy tunes and sing-able lyrics. Some available titles include:

* Brianboy! offers a musical album for very young children ages 1-7. “Electric Kids’ Tunes” includes lively, upbeat versions of Twinkle, Twinkle, The ABC Song, and more. Cassette/CD comes with illustrated booklet that contains the song lyrics.

* Linda Arnold is an award-winning, popular musical artist whose songs explore themes that range from world friendship to the joy of reading. Here are some of her most popular CD/Cassette titles for kids:

* Tom Chapin has achieved critical acclaim for his recordings aimed at 4 to 11 year-olds and their families. His many album titles include songs about peace, the environment, and the treasures of childhood.

* Charlotte Diamond is an award-winning children’s music performer who sings about nature, diversity, creating a better world, and silly kid stuff too. Some popular titles include:

* Mary Miche specializes in songs that teach science, ecology, and cooperative peace making. For a list of album titles and to order, visit her website at:

* Lives Of The Musicians – Good Times, Bad Times (And What The Neighbors Thought) By Kathleen Krull. This book-on-tape gives you biographical information about composers along with bits of trivia and gossip. Includes music by the composers featured including: Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Gilbert & Sullivan, Gershwin, and Guthrie. Ages 10 and up.

* The Classical Kids Series is a great way to introduce all ages to classical music. Each title is a fictional story that includes real historical information about the composers, little anecdotes about their lives, and samples of their work. Titles include:

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Note: Only about 5% of the resources mentioned in the book “Carschooling” were sent to the author as free review copies. As such, the author was under no obligation to write a recommendation. She simply tried them with her kids, enjoyed them, and decided to share them with the readers. The rest of the 95% of resources mentioned, were purchased by the author for use with her own family, or recommended by other carschooling parents.  The author received no compensation for mentioning the resources in the book.