Chapter 3 — Science

Carschooling Resources by Chapter

Here are some of the many resources mentioned in the book, “Carschooling” to enhance learning science on the road!  The products listed here are linked to our affiliate to make purchasing them a snap!

Chapter 3 — Science

Car-B-Que -- Carschooling Science* Tours of the Night Sky produced by The Astronomical Society of the Pacific. These CDs are like having a personal astronomer in the car giving us a guided tour of the galaxy.

* 3-D Solar System – Boxed Glow In The Dark Stars and Planets by University Games Use stickers from this kit to create a portable planetarium on the car ceiling!

* Adventures in the Solar System by Geoffrey T. Williams and Dennis F. Regan. This is an intriguing story about a 9-year-old boy and a transformer robot named Planetron. The robot takes the boy on a planet-by-planet journey that includes scientific facts.  This audiobook is available from online bookstores in new or used condition. Purchase an MP3 download from sites like Audible Kids.

* The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System by Joanna Cole (published by Scholastic, Inc.)

* Rock ‘N Learn’s Solar System is an engaging and science content-rich CD with entertaining songs that teach about planets.

* The Kid’s Book of Weather Forecasting by Breen & Friestad. Teaches kids (ages 7-13) how to record their observations and predictions about clouds and wind patterns.

* 42 Piece Magnetic Geomag Set by Plastwood, this kit provides all kinds of fun magnet construction in the car. This item is no longer in stock, so try the Monkey Magnets series instead!

* The Bug Book and Bottle by Hugh Danks

* The Sibley Guide to Birds written and illustrated by David Allen Sibley, is a fantastic bird guide to keep in the car. It will help you identify birds spotted along the road.

* Common Birds and Their Songs by Lang Elliott. The book has photos and information about the birds and comes with companion CD with bird calls.

* Skulls and Bones by Glenn Searfoss explains how scientists examine road kill and skeletal remains of animals.

* The Usborne Book of Scientists From Archimedes to Einstein

* Peterson Field Guides and Peterson Field Guide Coloring Books provide great reference and reinforcement material for studying nature while on the road. There are over 100 titles that include specific information on Trees, Flowers, Mammals, Birds, Rocks & Minerals and more including:

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Note: Only about 5% of the resources mentioned in the book “Carschooling” were sent to the author as free review copies. As such, the author was under no obligation to write a recommendation. She simply tried them with her kids, enjoyed them, and decided to share them with the readers. The rest of the 95% of resources mentioned, were purchased by the author for use with her own family, or recommended by other carschooling parents.  The author received no compensation for mentioning the resources in the book.