Chapter 12 — Recess

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Here are some of the many resources mentioned in the book, “Carschooling” to enhance recess on the road!  The products listed here are linked to our affiliate to make purchasing them a snap!

Chapter 12 — Recess

I Spy -- Carschooling!New Roadside America: The Modern Traveler’s Guide to the Wild & Wonderful World of America’s Tourist Attractions by Doug Kirby, Ken Smith, & Mike Wilkins, published by Fireside.

Top Clean Jokes for Kids by Bob Phillips, published by Harvest House Publishers.

LEGOs are great toys to bring along in the car for impromptu building sessions.

Lego Duplo Bob The Builder Set

Colorforms pieces are made from thin, flexible plastic that cling to a playing board. Colorforms also cling to car windows making them ideal for road trips. The pieces come in every shape and color you can imagine and there are a variety of Colorform theme-kits to choose from.

Original Colorforms dress up Colorforms people in the costumes of different cultures of the world.

Monopoly Express the electronic, travel version of the classic game.

* Battleship Electronic Handheld Game by Hasbro—In this version of the classic game, you line up your battleships on a small display screen, and try to out-strategize your opponent — the computer in your hand! The game is designed for individual play for ages 7 and up.

* Yahtzee Electronic Handheld Game by Milton Bradley—This is just like regular Yahtzee except you “roll the dice” by clicking a button. The score is automatically calculated for you. Ages 8 and up.

* Simon Electronic Handheld Game by Milton Bradley—In this game you rely on your memory of a series of notes and colors to repeat patterns. Up to 4 players can use this miniature version of the original game in the car. Ages 7 and up.

* Pocket Tic-Tac-Toe You can play it the regular way, or set the pocket calculator to more challenging levels that up to two players can enjoy. Ages 8 and up.

* Wheel of Fortune This travel version of the TV show that is similar to “Hangman” has so many puzzles to solve that the kids will be engaged for miles. There are over 400 puzzles to solve, and additional puzzle cartridges can be purchased as well. Made by Tiger Electronics for ages 8 and up.

* Nintendo DS Lite – This fun and educational electronic game device provides a fun way to pass time in the car.

* The Amazing Book-a-ma-Thing for the Backseat by The Editors of Klutz – A hands-on book of puzzles and games. Ages 8 and up.

* The Buck Book by Anne Akers Johnson – Instructions for folding seven different items from a Dollar Bill. Comes with a real dollar bill. Ages 6 and up.

* Finger Strings: A Book of Cat’s Cradle and String Figures by Michael Taylor. Cat’s Cradle is a centuries old game played by looping string through fingers to make various shapes.

* The Etch A Sketch Book by The Editors of Klutz Press. Comes with the classic drawing toy and 12 see-through pages that cling to the Etch A Sketch screen creating game boards, mazes, drawing patterns and more. Ages 6 and up.

* Kids Travel: A Back Seat Survival Kit by The Editors of Klutz. A book filled with not only fun activities you can do in the car but all of the stuff you need to do them! Ages 6 and up.

* Magic Pen Books by Lee Publications come with a special marker pen. You use it to color in pages in the Magic Pen book where there appears to be no writing or pictures and magically objects appear on the page. Some of the books are filled with trivia questions a swipe with your magic pen reveals the correct answer. Some contain blank pages that you color in with the pen to reveal previously “invisible” pictures. They are suitable for all ages and will keep the kids entertained for hours. They come in a variety of titles including:   Disney Cars Invisible Ink Picture Book and Stickers.

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Note: Only about 5% of the resources mentioned in the book “Carschooling” were sent to the author as free review copies. As such, the author was under no obligation to write a recommendation. She simply tried them with her kids, enjoyed them, and decided to share them with the readers. The rest of the 95% of resources mentioned, were purchased by the author for use with her own family, or recommended by other carschooling parents.  The author received no compensation for mentioning the resources in the book.