Chapter 7 — Geography

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Here are some of the many resources mentioned in the book, “Carschooling” to enhance learning geography on the road!  The products listed here are linked to our affiliate to make purchasing them a snap!

 Chapter 7 — Geography

Learning Resources 12-Inch Inflatable Globe:  Great for use in the car.

Educational Travel on a Shoestring:  Frugal Family Fun and Learning Away from Home by Judith Waite Allee and Melissa Morgan. This book is a value-packed, practical guide for parents who want to learn through vacations and field trips without spending a fortune.

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Note: Only about 5% of the resources mentioned in the book “Carschooling” were sent to the author as free review copies. As such, the author was under no obligation to write a recommendation. She simply tried them with her kids, enjoyed them, and decided to share them with the readers. The rest of the 95% of resources mentioned, were purchased by the author for use with her own family, or recommended by other carschooling parents.  The author received no compensation for mentioning the resources in the book.