Less or More?

Here’s a quick game to help kids understand the math concepts of “greater than,” “less than,” and “equal to.”

Everyone finds one license plate on a passing car and copies it down on a piece of paper.  Remove the letters in the license plate, leaving just the numbers.  Each person takes a turn reading his or her license plate number.  For example, if the license plate number is 1JLR297, the number would be 1,297.  Compare your numbers with the numbers of the other players.  Whose is the largest?  Whose is the smallest?  Are any numbers the same or equal?  Are the other numbers greater than, less than, or equal to your number? Now, write the other players’ numbers down on your paper.  Using the mathematical symbols for “greater than” (>), “less than” (<), and “equal to” (=), write down the results.

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