Become a Roadside Researcher

Did you know that not all historical markers are accurate?

Just as in history textbooks, mistakes are sometimes made in what is written in stone along the highway.  Some markers have incomplete information, others are misleading, and still others are downright wrong.  Encourage your road scholars to be roadside researchers. What is the topic of the marker?  What do they already know about the person or event?  Is some information missing that would give a more accurate depiction of the event or person?  If your carschoolers discover mistakes, look on the marker to see who erected it.  Contact the organization to report the discrepancy and find out how to go about correcting the information.  Many historical societies and government agencies that are responsible for marker placement and maintenance rely on individuals just like you to help them.  You can get involved in some historical marker projects and help to get old markers corrected or repaired and get new markers placed.

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