Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

If there is such a thing as a “classic” in a mobile gaming genre that is still very young, Doodle Jump is exactly that. Millions have been charmed by the delightfully addictive gameplay and irresistible style of this casual platforming game.

The object of Doodle Jump is to guide the Doodler, an adorable, interminably hopping four-legged creature, up a series of never-ending platforms. Watch your step–miss a jump and the Doodler will fall to its doom. Some platforms are solid and steady, while others move, explode, or have other properties that create interesting challenges for the Doodler.

Just a Hop, Skip, and a Jump
Doodle Jump

Mastering the perpetual motion of the Doodler is the key to moving up in the Doodle Jump world. You control the lateral direction of the Doodler by tilting your phone left and right. Doodle Jump uses your device’s accelerometer to enable pinpoint control. Alternatively, you can tap the sides of your touchscreen to bounce The Doodler left and right.

Doodle Jump
Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

There are many obstacles and pitfalls hindering the Doodler’s upward mobility. Black holes dot the path, waiting to suck the Doodler into the void, while UFOs float by, hoping to abduct it with tractor beams. Even more frightening are the many hideous creatures lurking above, ready to send the Doodler tumbling back down to Earth.

Doodle Jump

Beware of angry robots
Fight Or Flight

Fortunately, you have more than just the Doodler’s tireless legs to rely upon. Destroy bad guys by tapping the screen to fire Nose Ball projectiles. Take evasive action by picking up propeller hats, jet packs, and other items that can be used to speed the Doodler past the many hazards that lie in its path.

Oodles Of Doodles

Artistically, Doodle Jump springs to life with beautifully illustrated environments. Originally modeled after a drawing sketchpad, Doodle Jump now features a number of stylized themes to play through, including a winter holiday landscape, a lush rainforest, and a distant corner of the galaxy. Rich scenery and dynamic gameplay make Doodle Jump a unique and timeless mobile gaming experience. And at only $0.99, this app is a steal.

Ideal for carschoolers on the go, this app will unleash your child’s creativity, encourage problem-solving, strategy development, and fine motor-skills. We recommend this game for kids 5 and older.

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