Happy Halloween!

To get your carschoolers into the holiday spirit, have your kids help decorate your vehicle. You can decorate the outside of the family car together (and go full hog like the family in this picture did) or just stick to decorating activities that your carschoolers can do while you’re driving.

An activity your carschoolers can do while inside the car is drawing on the windows. Give them a set of dry erase markers and have them draw spooky pictures on the windows. (It’s easy to clean up and fix mistakes with glass-cleaner and a lint-free rag).

Using a black dry erase marker you can fashion a spider web by drawing radiating lines all across the window. Here’s a great tutorial: http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/illustrator/ss/sf_spiderweb.htm

You can also draw characters like Frankenstein’s monster or silly jack-o-lanterns.

If drawing isn’t your carschooler’s strong suit, you can purchase window decals or removable gel stickers, and encourage them to design a Halloween-themed picture. Here’s a an example of some kid-friendly characters they can use: http://www.partycheap.com/Halloween_Character_Window_Clings_11_sheet_p/01129.htm?gclid=CL6utciW6LICFelFMgod1xAAwg&click=2

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