Place Value

To start the game, select one person to be the impartial “Caller” to randomly call out the cars that are to be used.  That person assigns a passing car to each player in each round of the game, to avoid duplication or arguments.  For example: The first set of cars that drive by is for the ones place.  The caller says, “Player one gets the green Volvo on the left, player two gets the brown Toyota on the right.”  Each player then chooses the largest number from the license plate of the car he or she was assigned and writes it down in the ones place.  The object of the game is to learn about place value, and each player uses license plates to collect numbers needed to create the largest number in any given place value.  The next set of cars that drive by is for the tens place, the next for the hundreds, and so on until you have reached the predetermined highest place value.  The person with the largest number when all place values have been filled wins!

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