Road Sign Harvest Time

This is a cooperative learning game where all players are on the same team.  Designate one person to be the Scorekeeper. 

Pretend that you own a family farm and as you begin your car trip it’s harvest time.  The fruits and vegetables on your farm must be harvested before the first frost of fall arrives (at the end of your car trip).  Challenge your carschoolers to “harvest” as many fruits and vegetables as they can from passing signs and billboards. 

Whenever a player sees an edible icon they score 1 point for naming it (for example, if you pass a stand on the side of the road selling strawberries with a big sign, you get 1 point).  You can score more points by naming what vitamins or minerals that food provides (5 points) or 10 points if you know what benefits that vitamin or mineral provides the human body.  When in doubt, use your smart phone to look up the answer.

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