Decade or Dare?

A carschooling family (with three kids ages 9 to 16) changed the old Truth or Dare game into a history challenge.  To play, first think of a list of silly consequences; when someone loses the challenge they must do one of the several preselected penalties: for example, singing a difficult song, stating the multiplication facts for a particular number, sitting in a silly position for 5 minutes, or having to clean the windshield when you stop for gas.  The game goes like this:

One person picks a decade (for example, 1490-1500, 1770-1780, 1910-1920, 1990-2000) and challenges each person in the car to come up with one historical event or fact that occurred during that decade.  Play continues from one person to another until someone cannot think of a fact.  Alternatively, you can set a limit of 10 or 20 facts and move on to another decade if everyone passes the challenge.  If a player fails to come up with a fact, the player must repeat all the facts just heard about that decade or perform the consequence.  If the player successfully repeats all the facts, he or she restarts the game with a new decade of his or her choice.

Note: It’s okay to bluff if you don’t know an answer.  If no one challenges you then you’re off the hook; however, if someone calls your bluff you can use your smart phone to look up the correct answer.  If you’re correct, the person who challenged you must perform the consequence, and if you are wrong, you must pay the consequence.

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