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360 Pages Packed with Over 350 Entertaining
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Take the whine out of drive time with this collection
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In the new book Carschooling®, you’ll learn how to:

  • Map your taste buds at your favorite drive-through fast food restaurant,
  • Use 18-Wheeler Chemistry to understand the Periodic Table of Elements,
  • Use license plate numbers to learn how to round up or down,
  • Turn historical markers into roadside textbooks in the game, Drive-By History,
  • Learn which art projects you really can take on the road,
  • Pack your stopwatch for the next rippin’ and roarin’ Rest Stop Olympics,
  • Scramble up an Animal Cookie Car Safari
  • And much, much more!

You See?  There IS an alternative to playing “Slug Bug,” singing “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” and plugging the kids into mindless DVDs and video games.

“Diane Flynn Keith proves once again that learning is fun. With her wonderful “Carschooling” book, she offers a wide variety of clear, useful ways to integrate knowledge into your family’s everyday activities. You’re sure to find countless ways to inspire a passion for learning all across the curriculum.”
~ Jim Weiss, Storyteller/Recording Artist/Author, Greathall Productions

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